Today’s American Muslims are being raised in an environment that can often be hostile, confusing, and challenging.

Our focus is on stabilizing the narrative of Islam by means of:

  • Educating Muslims about the faith in hopes to develop each person’s peaceful inner strength, so that they may serve as an excellent representation of Islam to their community.
  • Addressing the misconceptions about Islam plaguing the minds of the Non Muslim community by challenging those narratives with solid text of the Islamic script so thatIslam is understood in its correct context.

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To get a better idea of how we tackle today’s issues from the Islamic perspective and create dialog and conversation towards finding a solution, listen to Imam Azhar’s “Raw Islam with Imam Azhar”.

Located Here


This program has been conducted in the following locations thus far:

  • WSU – Washington State University, Pullman WA,
  • West Palm Beach church,
  • Texas A&M University, College Station, TX,
  • FIU – Florida International University, South Florida,
  • FGCU – Florida Gulcoast University, Estero, FL,m
  • Church of the Rockies, Boise Idaho,
  • ICT – Islamic Center of Tempe, Tempe Arizona, and other areas.

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